Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy New Year!! Wow..I can't believe it is 2008! That is definitely crazy...where does the time go?? I know..lots of hugs and kisses and oh yeah, diapers!!! I'm looking forward to another great year full of excitement!! Now that I have found my new passion I have set some goals for myself for the coming year....1) Find a wonderful design team 2) Get at least 2-3 items published 3) Receive honorable mention/guest star stamper on Nichole Heady's blog 4) Sell some of my work in a local store here in town 5)Continue to LOVE what I'm doing at the end of the year!! There you have it.. I know those are some big goals but definitely doable as long as I put my heart and soul into my work!! I was so excited husband Brian was off of work so I piled everyone into the car and we drove to Michael's Craft Store.. I put a movie on in the car for the kids and had Brian drive around while I shopped by MYSELF!! It was sooo exciting because I was able to actually shop for my supplies without chasing around two toddlers and didn't have to leave the store with 2 packs of Thomas the Train stickers that cost 6 dollars!! YEAH!!! I picked out some new ink, glitter, glue, paper..lots of cool paper.. I was in the Valentine mood so lots of pinks, reds and real girly prints.. Just beautiful! And of favorite..ribbon!! One of the reasons for my shopping excursion goes along with one of my sell some of my work in a local store...Well, my mother-in-law did a bit of a sales pitch for me at a store here in our downtown that sells beautiful women clothing and jewelry. They just opened a new section in the store where they sell unique gifts. The manager of the store would like to see some of my cards and would be willing to sell some in her store if she likes them.. makes me so nervous but this is what I want.. what can I lose??? Nothing! Just a great opportunity!! So, we will see!! I may be crossing off one of my goals here shortly!! Wish me luck!! I hope you all had a great New Years and Cheers!!

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