Friday, January 25, 2008

Countdown to Valentine's Day S.W.A.K challenge!!

I just loved the little heart template that Lisa Johnson created to go along with PTI's new heart tins!! I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the mail here..fingers crossed!! Although I was not part of the challenge I thought I would do one for fun!! My brain was swimming with ideas last night while I was running back and forth to get different paper, supplies and embellishments for my creation..there is nothing more exciting than coming up with your ideas..I just love it.. Not sure about you but I'm definitely a talk-to-myself-out loud kinda person.. My husband thinks I'm crazy that's for sure.. I've even caught myself talking to my cards!!LOL! Anyway, once I got the kids to bed I got to work.. Every year since I have met my husband I have given him "love tickets" at Valentine's Day..Usually things like 1 ticket to sleep in; 1 ticket for a night at the movies; 1 ticket for a massage(of course, his favorite!!) and so on.. Well, I thought this year my tickets could be the hearts!! What an easier and adorable way to use them.. and once I receive my tin hearts that is where they will be stored.. So, I cut out 14 hearts from a beautiful patterned paper..I tried to keep it a bit masculine..I then stamped the sentiment Be Mine from the Limitless Label set from PTI to put on the outside of my heart..I then put a piece of cardstock inside the heart to form an envelope for my "ticket". I then punched a small heart in the front of the card so you could see the cardstock through it. This is where I placed my numbers for my countdown to Valentines.. I then cut small strips of cardstock and wrote out each of my "tickets"..Some examples, Walk by moonlight; Dinner and a movie; Body massage; Sleep as late as you want and so on...this is great because YOU can do whatever you want to do... I folded them once in half and tied a small ribbon around them. I then just placed them inside my little envelope in the heart. Now, once I receive my small tin I will place my hearts in order starting with the number 14 and make my way down to number 1..Then each day he will open up a new heart to read the "ticket". I wanted to make my number 1 ticket more special so I wrote on the ticket "Look on kitchen table" Here is where my bigger tin comes into play.. I will fill it with Hershey truffles(his favorite) along with Minnesota Gopher Basketball tickets!! He is going to just love it!!! So, I thought this little Valentine creation would be fun for both of will keep our romance alive(sorta..with a 2 and 1 year old that is almost impossible) and get us through most of the month of February(the winters here just kill me)!! I'm looking forward to February 1st for when I can give it to him and hoping my tins get here today so I can finish!!! Thanks again for the template Lisa!! I just love your work!!! And, please keep me in mind for the next time around!!

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