Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honorable Mention!!!

I'm just soooo excited!! I received Honorable Mention again this month from Nichole Heady and Papertrey...This is such an honor!! I'm just so suprised because the women I am mentioned with are soooo talented...Nichole is a sweetheart for even considering my just makes me want to try even harder!! I worked soo hard to come up with another project that she would enjoy and she actually did!! So cool!!!! She chose my basket that I created and I'm just so happy!! It was so funny because I checked her blog last night before bed to see if she had posted anything and there were the Honorable Mentions...As I scrolled down the page my heart was beating a mile a minute..One after another my hopes slowly dwindled away and all of a sudden I saw my name...the last one..YAAA.. I just started screaming and jumping up and down!! I just get sooo excited...You can definitely tell I'm an amateur at this stuff..all the other mentions have professional pictures and their signature picture is rather blah and doesn't do justice to my basket..but my husband promised to help me this next month so I'm definitely taking him up on it!! Nichole is doing a really cool thing this month by allowing us..the customers to vote on which Honorable Mention we like the best...Well, I haven't received any votes yet but hey..I can't get too cocky here!! LOL!! Thanks again made my month once again!!!

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