Monday, February 11, 2008

Polka Dots...

I am sooo excited..I just checked out Nichole's blog this morning and she is debuting one of her new stamp sets...POLKA DOTS!! My absolute is so funny because yesterday I created a card around polka dots..I'm really drawn to them right now!!! This set looks so neat..she has 6 different polka dot backgrounds to choose from!! I will definitely be buying this set on the 15th and about a hundred other things..oh, my husband is not going to be happy... One of my to do's on my wish list is to create a personal crafting space just for me...I have been doing all my crafting at the kitchen table and countertops..I have all my supplies and paper in boxes and on the floor in my bedroom.. so, I will run from one room to the next trying the find the "right paper, embellishment, supply or ribbon". I can't do it like this anymore..I'm forgetting what I have and I truly feel like my creativity is suffering because of it.. So, I will be moving to the basement today!! Once the kids are asleep I'm going to start creating my own little nook in one of the bedrooms down there..I should have done it a long time ago but I do like being close to my babies when they are sleeping. Now that they are a bit older and sleep for longer periods of time I feel more comfortable going down there and working!! Now, if only I had the money to buy all the cool organizing tools out there..I would die to have Nichole's is so organized..I told my husband I will only do a little at a time..before you know it it will be done!! I will definitely post a picture once it is completed!!! Wish me luck... I have included a picture of the polka dot card I created yesterday..the color is a bit is not is a creamy off white color..(sorry).. I used my scalloped circle punch to create the flowers..I had the raised circular pebble stickers left over from my Christmas card so just placed those on paper and cut around them to form the centers of the just adds a bit of dimension. I used the sentiment from the Out on a Limb set by Martin Luther..What a wonderful quote that really does make you appreciate your surroundings!!

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