Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby news!!

I'm so excited!! My brother-in-law Andy and his wife Shonda are expecting their first baby!! I know they have wanted this for awhile and we are just so happy for them!!! It is so funny because all our family and friends are pregnant now..we were the first out of all our friends to have babies and now that I'm done for a bit all my girlfriends are having babies..There is nothing like being pregnant for the first many firsts and lots of unknowns..that is what makes it so special and scary!!! If they only knew what was ahead of them...I can't even explain it to them so I just sit back and watch...I don't think you really realize what a miracle this little person is until you are holding them in your arms for the first time...oh.. and once you have the sleep and no sleep and no sleep...but it is soooo worth it...I'm really looking forward to meeting all these new little ones!! I wanted to share with you a baby shower card I did for my cousin Emily..I just love girly stuff and love baby dresses... I came up with the dress template and printed the information onto the vellum paper..I then secured it to the card by the ribbon..I also created a smaller version of the dress to use as a placecard for each person at the shower.. I also had cut out several different patterned dresses and we hung them up throughout the house using ribbon and small really turned out cute.

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