Friday, March 14, 2008

Grammy Portrait Boxes

My children are soooo lucky..they have 2 wonderful, caring and high-spirited Grammys that spoil( I mean take REALLY good care) of them!! They love their grandchildren so much and also help me out a ton! I don't know what we would do without them. I'm always giving them lots and lots of pictures of Sam and Nora..and they only have so much room on the refrigerator..Well, I had purchased a few of the egg boxes from PTI..they are just adorable!! As I was brainstorming for my gueststar stamper creations I came up with the idea of a portrait box!! These little boxes work great because they hold a 4X6 picture perfectly and a lot of them. So, I decided to create a "brag" portrait box for the Grandmas..that way they can store ALL the pictures I give them and show them off whenever they want to. I used the new set Women of Life(such a beautiful and fun set to work with) to decorate my box. I stamped the large flower, cut it out and then punched out the centers. I then found pictures of Sam and Nora's faces that would fit inside the centers. I just punched their faces out as well and glued the flower to the picture. I ended up creating a bouquet of flowers for the top of my box.. For my sentiment I printed out "We love you bunches" on my computer and stamped "Grandma" from the stamp Grandmother by altering it a bit. I then stamped the flower design around the sides of the box..this was a bit hard because I did not have a solid surface behind it.. I just used my other hand and pushed back as hard as I could.. it ended up turning out better than I thought. I also stamped this same design on a piece of cardstock that I placed at the bottom of my box.. so, once all the pictures are removed you get a bit of a surprise!! I am planning on filling these up with new pictures of the kids and giving them to the Grammy's for Mother's Day..what an easy, affordable and straight from the heart kinda gift!! I know they will love it!!

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