Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just so excited!!!

I can't believe it..I won GSS over at Papertrey Ink for best use of Garden of Life!! I didn't think I would have a chance this month and was keeping my fingers crossed for a honorable mention..My husband and I got into bed last night and as I tried to get to sleep I just started getting so curious to who may have won..there were sooo many amazing and unique cards this past month..Nichole has a very tough job!! Well, I jumped out of bed, scared my husband half to death and turned on the computer(which is in our bedroom)..he just started laughing because he knows how crazy I am about Papertrey Ink..yes, I do have a problem!!! I opened up the gallery pics and saw one of my cards..I thought it just happened to be in the thumbnail spot for the Gueststar Stamper submissions..then, I looked a little closer and saw that it was in the winners..I couldn't believe I had won..I screamed and this time Brian about peed his pants..I started jumping up and down and he is so funny because he got out of bed and jumped around with me..I'm not kidding..if our neighbors would have seen us they would probably have called the cops on us..too funny..we quickly quieted down once we heard Nora yelling "mom"...Of course, I checked ten times to make sure I was reading it correctly before I went to bed and then once I did get to bed I laid there too excited to sleep!!! This is such an honor coming from Nichole and I really appreciate and LOVE Papertrey Ink!! What an awesome company!!! The winning card is actually the one I posted first yesterday...I saw this bedding in the Land of Nod catalog and decided to try and recreate my own version using Papertrey Ink that is what I did and I'm so excited that I won!!!Thanks for looking!! Bridget


Anonymous said...

Awesome job! All of your entries were great...can't wait to see your next month entries. Have a great day. Heather (fellow PTI die hard!!)

Kathleen said...

Congratulations to you! I LOVE the card you showed....honestly, did you do that the first time you tried, or did it take several? I keep seeing these wonderful "designer paper-looks" using PTI stamps and wonder if I could REALLY pull it off! I love it~ Happy for you!