Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh my goodness..Oh my gracious!!!

I can't believe it.. I received honorable mention this morning on Nichole Heady's blog!!! That is sooooooo exciting for me.. I worked sooo hard this past month trying to come up with a card that would impress Nichole and she actually picked one of mine!! OH MY GOSH!! Thanks so much don't know how much this means to me.. For all of you stay at home mommas you know how life is.. the best in the whole world yet it can get a bit mundane..I started falling into the trap of what else is out there for me..I know I'm a good mom and I know I'm soooo lucky and blessed to get to be with my kids everyday but there are moments I feel I should be doing more with this life of mine!! Well, finding Nichole's blog has really lit a fire in me and I have found a passion that I just love..card making!! I've only just begun and have a really good feeling about the future! Life is definitely need to believe in something and for me... that is my babies and stamping!!! Here is my card that made honorable mention at


Myriah said...

WAY TO GO BRIDGET!!!! I totally understand what you mean about being home with the babies! Take care and Happy Holidays!

Debi said...

Congrats. I just saw your card over at splitcoasters too and it's beautiful. So I came over to tell you , I love your cards!

I am hoping to begin cardmaking next year. I love it!