Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed crafting of some sort! I love buying my supplies...paper, new markers, stamps, ink, name it, I love it! I have always enjoyed scrap booking and creating cards but it wasn't until my first baby was born that I started getting into making cards. It all started with Sam's first birthday party.. The theme..Frogs! I had a blast creating his card and it was fun to send off to family! There is nothing better than coming up with an idea and creating your cards! I lay awake at night thinking " or green ribbon? right or left corner?" It goes on and on in my little brain of mine that many times I just have to get up and either right down my ideas or actually create it!! Call me crazy.. I know! I thought it would be fun to share some of my ideas with you.. and hopefully inspire at least one person out there in this big world. And I'm hoping to get inspirations from all of you.. Wish me luck in my new blogging experience!!

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