Monday, November 26, 2007


All of this stamping business is new to me..I had never really gotten into the stamping thing until now.. and boy, am I hooked!! A few weeks ago I was surfing the net on inspirations for cards and came across Nichole Heady's blog..I was unfamiliar with the whole blog scene but something about Nichole's website drew me in..she is an amazing writer and wow..what ideas!! It was so inspiring and I sat at my computer for almost 2 hours reading through her entire blog!! I then realized she had started a company with two women called Papertrey Ink! What a neat story and it truly shows that life is full of surprises. I fell instantly in love with her stamps and all that goes with it! I immediately ordered my first set..Take a Bough.. I was anxious for it to arrive and checked everyday for the package..Finally, it came!! YAAA!! I opened it up and it was so fun to transfer my new stamps onto the CD case..I loved the smell of the new seriously gave me goosebumps..The funny thing..I forgot to order ink..So, here I was with brand spankin' new stamps but no ink..It was close to bath time for my into the bath they went..down for bed and it was close to 9 pm..I had to run to Walmart for a few things and out of pure luck walked by their scrap booking section..I never knew it existed!! And there it had to get it..I didn't even know if it was the right kind..When I got home I just started stamping and since then I haven't stopped..It is so addicting and refreshing!! I think I found my calling..However, I have a long way to go..the cards I have seen out there are just amazing! Hopefully, someday I can reach that caliber of creativity!! So, tonight I will leave you with one of my very first cards I stamped using Papertrey Ink Stamps from the Take a Bough set!

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